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Martin Jacobson "Coach Jake"


Martin Jacobson, known to most as "Coach Jake", is a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn. Coach Jake is a soccer coach and life long public school educator who has worked as a counselor, teacher, dean and athletic director.  He believes that every child can succeed in life, given the proper opportunities. Long before he achieved his successes in his soccer career he faced many of his own battles off the field, including drug and substance abuse; however, now he is proud to say that he is clean and sober now for over 30 years.

He is the most winningest high school soccer coach in New York City Public School history, having won a record 16 New York City Championships. The Martin Luther King, Jr. High School teams have been consistently ranked in the top 25 in the nation over the last 20 years. He holds his athletes to a higher education standard, with a high school graduation rate above 95%.  Most of his players have gone on to colleges and universities. Some have even played at the professional level.  These student athletes come from a large, diverse population. Many of them are first generation Americans and recent immigrants. Wanting to do more to help these young persons is the vision for the Coach Jake Foundation.



Mansour Ndiaye

 Board Member

Dr. Mansour Ndiaye currently served as an Assistant Dean in the College of Liberal and Sciences at the University of Connecticut (UCONN).  He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCONN and was a four-year letter-winner and a captain for the UCONN huskies.  He went to two final four tournaments during his soccer career and won the National Championship in 2000.  He was also selected as the #7 pick overall in the 2001 MLS Draft the NY/NJ Bulls formerly known as the NY/NJ Metrostars.



Serene Jacobson-Ranga

Board Member, Coo

taking steps to Promoting small global Change Through Our Non-Profit Projects

An executive who has worked for and with some of the most prestigious organizations in the country.  Ms. Jacobson-Ranga has a Bachelors of Science degree with a specialty in Finance.   As Chief Operating Officer her expertise in the field of operational management,  financing, planning, taxation and budgeting will insure the foundations success.



Joshua Sherron

Board Member

 For over 10 years Joshua Sherron has been the associate head coach for the Martin Luther King, Jr. High School Soccer team under legendary coach and mentor Martin "Coach Jake" Jacobson. 

Mr Sherron was awarded the Prestigious New York City Teaching Fellowship and completed a dual certification masters degree in English Language Arts and Special Education.

He is currently an English Teacher at Martin Luther King Educational Campus.




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